Human Resources & Facilities Management

Human Resource Duties:

  • Employee process management (including issuing of offer letters, contact information, contracts, probationary letters, reference requests, schedule of reviews/appraisals, vacation calendar, bonus administration, training, termination).
  • Benefits management: administer, plan, direct, or coordinate compensation and benefits activities and staff.
  • Process documentation coordination, including updating the employee policy manual, adhering to state & federal labor laws and managing and maintaining confidential employee and employer information.
  • Regularly reviewing employee personnel files and benefits coverage to ensure they are up-to-date.
  • Updating staff on business management issues as required.


Facilities Management Duties:

  • Ensuring offices and environs are safe, secure and legally compliant.
  • Escalation point and decision maker on all relevant suppliers of goods or services to the offices.
  • To at all times act as an ambassador for the company and its services. To maintain the highest level of office appearance and professionalism.
  • Business Policy Management: manage all business policies, evaluate costs and source out alternative cost savings (General Liability, WC, etc….)
  • IT Company Contact Point: work with vendors to maintain company telecom & data communication systems, manage companies Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Keeper of company/online passwords, login credentials, software license numbers and warrantee information in a printed format.
  • Updating staff on business management issues as required.